Martes, 23 de enero de 2018

Liver squamous cell carcinoma

Case report. A 66 year female that presents an upper right abdomen pain radiating to the back of three to four months of evolution as reported. Patient also reported some weight loss and anorexia. No jaundice or other symptom reported. She went for check up and a right side liver mass found on CT scan 8 cm x 6.0 cm x7cm with complex cystic features. Pet scan showed only this liver lesion with intense SUV, no other scintigraphic evidence of FDG-AVID malignancy elsewhere that may indicate the primary lesion. Laboratories were unremarkable. Preoperative tumor markers showed a CEA of 57.52 and AFP of 4.96 HCG, CA125 levels were slightly elevated. A workup for liver metastases was done revealing no gastrintestinal tumors the primary source of this malignant a liver biopsy was done and revealed squamous cell carcinoma as the tumor description possible metastatic. A workup for primary squamous cell carcinoma was then realized including head and neck, pulmonary, skin and gynecologic work up.

After workup done and a multidisciplinary team discussion, it was therefore decided to proceed with surgery for resection of this tumor.The patient underwent a successful total right hepatectomy ,partial diaphragm and right retroperitoneal tumor resection to achieve a complete tumor resection. The pathological report confirmed squamous cell carcinoma and patient received adjuvant chemotherapy afterward. Patient is currently asymptomatic and disease free for a year.

Conclusion: Liver squamous cell carcinoma is very rare. Surgical approach for resection is recommended although there very few data to determine if this provides a clear survival benefit.

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